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Proteus: (proh-tee-uhs) - in Greek mythology, prophetic old man of the sea who tended the seals of Poseidon. He could change himself into any shape he pleased, but if he were nevertheless seized and held, he would foretell the future. The word protean is derived from his name.

Protean: (prō'tē-un) - readily assuming different forms or characters; extremely variable. versatile; able to play many kinds of roles.

Proteus Productions: (proh-tee-uhs prə-dŭk'shəns) - a full service event logistics and execution company providing customized end to end solutions for all types of productions. When you choose Proteus Productions to handle your event, you can be sure your event will be transformed into a memorable experience. With Proteus handling your logistics, successful events are in your future.

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